studio | Architects - Engineers studio is a firm composed by architects and engineers in Paphos, Cyprus, established in 2013 as a result of the partnership between Andreas N. Savva (civil engineer) and Giorgos Nearchou (architect). Our preliminary goal is to offer the best of our services in the field of architecture and engineering. The team comprises architects, engineers and designers (usually acting as external associates), who have diverse background in education, experience and perspective, thus allowing creativity and solution finding to thrive. Our philosophy is based on the notion that each building is unique, so its design and construction need to be addressed individually. We do not follow, or believe in any architectural movements or styles; rather our goal is to design according to the needs of the client, considering the properties and morphology of the area, the social and cultural context and the local regulations, which are factors that influence the design process. We believe that form should follow function, but at the same time, function should be employed to produce interesting and sophisticated forms.

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