LOUVARIS TECHNICAL OFFICE – CONSTRUCTIONS has been involved in the construction industry for more than a century. Established in 1920, on the island of Tinos, the company has a long history in the building sector. Grandfather Salvaras constructed the first bridges which connected the town (Chora) to the northern villages (Exo Meria) as well as the construction of the popular stone outbuildings, known as Kelia.

In the beginning, the office was primarily involved in civil engineering undertaking public works and private buildings such as pigeon houses, kelia, hotels, residences and other large buildings.

The company was handed down to the brothers Manolis and Ioannis Louvaris who maintained and developed the family vision. A few years later, Dimitrios Louvaris took the reins bringing his unique innovative spirit to the company. As a result, the range of activities has been extended and more ambitious projects are brought to fruition. Today the company specializes in the field of architectural, static & engineering studies – holiday houses, hotel units,residential complexes simultaneously dealing in real estate management. As the company is local and with local knowledge it also undertakes building restorations and repairs.
Real estate management is another significant field of activity; LOUVARIS TECHNICAL OFFICE – CONSTRUCTIONS provides full service such as rental – maintenance and the resale of property.

To sum up, it is responsible for all phases of construction, right from the planning and study to the construction and on site supervision. The goal of the company is to deliver completed, functional, aesthetically pleasing projects which live up to the client’s expectations. To this end, the company boasts a highly specialized group of dedicated professionals, who are able to successfully undertake even the most demanding projects. Consequently, the client’s dream home is realized.

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Website: https://www.aegeanconstruction.gr/
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Τel:+30 22830 23896
Address: Staurou Kionion Ave. 84200 Tinos


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MANCON DEVELOPMENT PC is active in the field of construction undertaking mainly new Building constructions, reconstructions and refurbishments, reinforcement of existing structures, and generally Residential and Commercial building projects as a turn-key delivery.

Our company is able to support all projects throughout all construction phases, such as design, town/urban planning authorities, implementation and delivery. Our company provides also, upon request, maintenance services for the completed project.

The company is staffed with civil engineers, mechanical engineers, architects and topography surveyors, with significant experience in the construction industry, having the ability to apply very demanding and complicated designs. Our working crew is highly experienced and skilled and our suppliers and sub-contractors possess all necessary technical expertise and equipment in order to execute our projects.

Our company goal is the absolute fulfillment of our customer’s needs combined with the abidance of the highly quality standards and always in accordance with the time schedule.

Our company has been founded by the Civil Engineer Alexandros Mantakas, who has been involved for years in the construction of private and public projects, initially as an executive member of several construction companies and later on as an individual contractor. Earlier than this company, Alexandros Mantakas was co-founder of the construction company mancon techniki. Alexandros Mantakas, born in Athens-Greece, is a graduate from Athens College, and has been active in the field of construction since 2002, when he completed his studies in Civil Engineering at Imperial College London and Kingston University London.

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Website: http://www.mancondevelopment.com/
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Τel: +30 210 61 00 922


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ERMONASSA SA is a continuation company of METKANT LTD a medium size innovative company in the Greek construction sector. Established in 1993 continues offering a broad range of constructional services. Company’s policy is to create buildings which stand out both in terms of the high quality of the end product as well as in terms of the efficiency of the construction process. This in turn results in the saving of time and money for the client and increased profitability for the company.

ERMONASSA SA deals with the construction of Public and Private Projects and is a holder of Certificate (grade E) in electromechanical, constructional, water supply and road construction projects. At the same time, the company deals with many projects that are sold at auction with system research-construction. Relative studies are held by the research department of the company under the control of the technical director. Our company maintains the projects it makes in terms of the provided guarantee for 1,5 years on average after finishing the project.

The organizational structure of the company is adjusted to the aims and specificities of a modern and specialized technical company. ERMONASSA SA with its experienced co-workers, modern mechanical equipment and valuable experience in all the fields of technical projects is able to give technically and economically correct solutions to complicated construction problems of today.

ERMONASSA SA is also active in the waste management sector and takes part in a collective system for the alternative management of construction and demolition waste and has the expertise to organize similar projects around the world. Moreover, the company has constructed wastewater treatment plants and provides services for their operation.

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website: www.ermonassa.gr
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Τel.: +30 210 6844747


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