Sotovikis Dionisis - Workshop

Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis was created in 2004 by AA Architect Dionisis Sotovikis, in Athens, Greece. Since then, it operates as an architectural firm, providing a multitude of services around architecture and construction, interior design, furniture design and visual arts. At the same time, the space functions as a workshop for creativity and development of new ideas in the aforementioned topics, as well as a meeting point, exhibition space and a host for any creative aspect of human activity. Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis has implemented a multitude of projects that vary in scale, type and texture, from hotels and large residential projects, to stores, furniture and reinvented architectural elements. Dionisis Sotovikis and his team are indulging in finding and showcasing, one piece at a time, all the constant points of human reference that remain unaltered and timeless, in order to construct a social vision that will redefine the ethos of modern architecture and it’s true intertemporal and borderless value. HELMET removebg preview   HELMET removebg preview

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