LKMK ARCHITECTS are engaged in the design and construction of various architectural proposals, aiming to deliver integrated solutions to their customers with professionalism and responsibility; all with the individual as a focal point.

At LKMK ARCHITECTS the architectural product assumes character and personality, visible by and viable for the end-user. With functionality, optimal space utilization and economy in mind, the detailed design process defines the high quality of every construction. Each line on the blueprint is first analyzed on the basis of construction feasibility, which leads to a series of original construction details, all designed to pinpoint accuracy.

The team aims at consistency in the quality of design, excellence in construction, respect of dead-lines and compliance with the available budget. The skill and experience of the team members, coupled with a superior skill in design programmes, up-to-date information on construction legislation and the daily contact with suppliers and craftsmen offer a high quality finished product.

Our work is characterized by the constant experimentation with materials, new technologies and innovative forms. Our main goal is to create solutions that are tailored to the functional needs and aesthetic desires of the end-user. HELMET removebg preview

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