gfra architecture

The office GFRA architecture was founded in 2004 by Tasos Gousis, Joost Frijda and Eddie Roberts as a result of many years of cooperation in previous associations where they participated with the major Greek projects of the 2000's, such as projects for the Olympic Games, the new Athens airport and the Acropolis Museum competition. Joost Frijda is Dutch and has received his degree from the Delft University of Technology, while both Tasos Gousis and Eddie Roberts, who has a Welsh background, are graduates from the NTUA (Athens Polytechnic), just as Fotini Anagnostou who becomes part of the team in 2007.

The multinational background of the team makes them search for new ideas and forms in architecture, to give a 'European' spirit to their design. This has been recognized by the numerous publications and participations in events such as the ESO conference, Open House Athens, the biennale of Young Greek Architects and the international Piranesi exhibition. At the same time they have a realistic approach and through close cooperation with the client and the consulting engineers, aim of the office is to maintain the quality of design and technology of architecture to a maximum.

The many specializations of the office include: housing, hotels, education, offices, cinema/theatre, retail, interior design, public urban/green spaces, re-use/restoration etc. Many projects are situated in the Athens region, but work is done all over Greece and abroad. Project responsibility includes both design and supervision, and can lead from the initial concept, through obtaining the building permit, to the possibility to organize the complete construction process.

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