G2 Lab

Based in Ioannina and Athens, their work is characterized by creativity, innovation and intelligent thinking. The main objective of the lab is to approach each project as a separate design process through a holistic approach.

Taking into account that architecture is related to all design scales, as they compose the environment in which we live, G2 Lab team operates in a multidimensional way, undertaking various projects ranging from urban planning to furniture and lighting details. This integrated approach is always connected with a clear concept, able to create unique personal experiences providing each space with its own identity.

Our main concern is to communicate with the customers so as to understand their needs and desires in order to achieve the best possible result using the appropriate representational and communication tools. The portfolio of our office includes a variety of projects, such as residences, apartments, hotels, stores but also objects on a smaller scale, many of which have been presented in prestigious architectural publications.


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