Aristides Dallas Architecture Studio

Aristides Dallas Architecture Studio based in Athens and Tinos, Greece aims at setting greek architecture into new standards. With the use of contemporary techniques and know-how, a construction in the Greek landscape is not conventional anymore, but it acquires rigidity, orientation and essence. Bearing always in mind that each architectural project is a synthesis of aesthetics and functionality, and having a full network of professional experts – engineers, material scientists, interior designers, stylists and artists, we carry out projects, which meet our client’s needs, always with respect to the green practices of sustainable architecture.

Besides the architectural firm itself being structured as a team from the very beginning, our idea of ‘team’ also extends beyond what takes place strictly inside the office. Self-evident as it may seem, we are among the ones to be very well aware that there are more people than the architect to be given credit for a successful project. Contractors, other engineers, project managers, construction workers and, last but not least, each individual client and their own vision, are key factors to the coming into being of quality architecture. We will never fall short of time and resources in striving to bring the best out of everyone involved, and in coordinating what we think of as a collective effort, to optimal or sometimes even surprising results.


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