KDI CONTRACT offers integrated technical solutions for retail and residential spaces. And that’s all we have in common with other construction companies!

Since 2006, when the company was founded by the experienced and distinguished engineers Dimitris Konstantinidis and Yiannis Kourtalis, KDI CONTRACT is on the leading edge when it comes to…

…quality of services. KDI CONTRACT offers only one type of service: Tailored to each client’s needs. At every stage, from initial research and concept generation to project development and provision of equipment, KDI CONTRACT is there, fully committed. That’s why KDI CONTRACT can offer integrated solutions of high-end aesthetics and sound functionality.

…selection of partners. KDI CONTRACT hosts only engineers and technicians specialized in areas covering the whole range of construction services. That’s why KDI CONTRACT can ensure highest quality and consistency in every project.

…range and diversity of projects. For KDI CONTRACT, there are no big or small, easy or complicated projects. There are only challenges seeking solutions.

Whether it’s a residence; retail or office space; hotel or restaurant; pharmacy or larger scale, commercial or industrial premise, KDI CONTRACT has the knowledge and experience to implement it. That’s why we’re able to respond thoroughly to every client’s needs.

At the same time, KDI CONTRACT continuously:

· Invests in technology and knowledge
· Promotes employee training
· Builds collaborative relationships with its clients

Thus, today, twelve years and over 150 projects since its founding, KDI CONTRACT has been established in the minds of hundreds of satisfied customers as a reliable option, devoted to optimize your personal budget, committed to provide the best value for money, bound to create added value in every project.

Experience the difference of KDI CONTRACT. Sign a contract with trust.



Website: https://kdi.gr/
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Τel:+30 2107712309
Address: 90 Evrou Str, Athens, Post Code 11527


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