SER architects

SER Architects is an architecture studio based in Athens, Greece, founded by Rafail Sergios and Edward Serifis.
Our philosophy stems from the meaning of architecture itself. We perceive architecture as a combination of feelings, needs, functionality, space, and time. We strive for clear design and successful construction, while treating each stage of the architectural journey - from the very first drawing to the final result - with the utmost respect.
Our design knowledge, year-long experience and vast network of experts guarantee a unique architectural result.
The team consists of:
Rafail Sergios | Co-Founder & Lead Architect, MArch N.T.U.A.
Edward Serifis | Co-Founder & Lead Architect, MArch N.T.U.A. - MSc N.T.U.A. - PhD Candidate N.T.U.A.
Alexandros Chysoli | Construction Project Manager, BSc Civil Engineering UNIWA
Daphne Manousogianni | Architect, BA Interior Architecture I.H.U - MArch T.U.C.ΑΣ

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