Etsi Architects

Located in the charming village of Kardamyli, South Peloponnese, Etsi Architects is a studio grounded in the art of designing and building residential spaces. Our focus is on local houses, where we gently blend the restoration of existing homes with the creation of new, sympathetic structures that reflect the region's rich architectural heritage.
Our approach is client-centric and inclusively designed, ensuring comfort and accessibility for all. We marry traditional charm with modern practicality, creating spaces that not only honor the past but also embrace the present. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our use of environmentally-friendly materials and practices, and in our support of the local community through sourcing.
Etsi Architects has been fortunate to receive recognition in the form of awards for several projects, a testament to our team's dedication and hands-on approach from design through to completion. We strive to create functional, beautiful, and sustainable spaces, aspiring to add value to both our clients' lives and the environment. Our work is a reflection of our respect for both the tradition and the future of architecture in Mani and the surrounding areas.

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